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Our home inspector literally said that in all of his years of home inspections he’s never seen one with this strong of a foundation. I knew right then and there that we had found the right place to raise our family!


It’s so cozy, there’s enough room for everything and it doesn’t look big from the street or feel massive. Love that they used local resources and talent and put them together in a gorgeous way!


I immediately fell in love with my Aerial home! Aerial has done such a good job at doing the little things different.


Aerial was my knight and shining armor! Finding them was like a breathe of fresh air! This the first new house I’ve ever purchased and I felt really comfortable with Aerial. I trust them.


What I love most about my home is my kitchen. It’s open and I love to entertain and have guests so I get to feel like I’m still a part of the party.


The design of the house was unique and I love the idea of having a home with character, with a story, with a purpose.


Our team is dedicated to ensuring that quality products go into your home, the final product will stand the test of time, and that you feel comfortable in our experienced hands.

The Building Process

Step 1
Select the right home for you:

Meet the Aerial team

View available lots and plans

Choose your new home

Step 2
Design it:

Select from our high-end finishes

Choose available upgrades

Receive personal homeowner packet and login

Step 3
Watch it grow:

Meet the home building team

Access your personalized client portal to track progress, receive weekly updates and pictures

Enjoy the collaborative experience throughout the course of construction

Step 4
Move in:

Participate in a pre-settlement training to learn about the features of your new home

Receive the keys to your new home

Enjoy your new home knowing that Aerial Builders has you covered

Our Work

Award Winning Nashville Projects


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